Healing Hearts of Central Ohio
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| We Inspire, Support and Educate Heart Patients and Caregivers

"If you or a loved one have experienced a serious heart condition, I encourage you to find out more about Mended Hearts.  For me it's hard to decide whether I've gotten more from what I've learned, who I've met, or giving back."

Joseph Atria

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Healing Hearts of Central Ohio  
7774 Brandonway Drive   
Dublin, Ohio 43017

Jeff Davidson, President

Phone (614) 580-1561

President, Jeff Davidson, 614-580-1561, jadavidson@columbus.rr.com

Vice President, Jim Kelly, 614-859-9365, jimkelly4@gmail.com

Secretary, Lynne Kelly, lynne_kelly@ymail.com

Treasurer, Helen Davidson, 614-935-2666, hdavidson@columbus.rr.com


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